Born in Bondeno,FE (Italy) in 1976 and currently lives and works in Ferrara. After receiving a high school diploma in 1995, the artist graduated from the University of Ferrara with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.


Carrà is a self-taught phenomenon. Always passionate about art, with a particular interest in figurative paintings, he emerges in 1998 initially with metaphysical and surrealist works. He has continued to enrich his offerings since 2000 with a more personal style: using various techniques (acrylics, pastels, engravings), but with a partiality for oils on canvas, he created works characterized by a “humorous desecration” and at times by a subtle cynicism where subjects are featured in paradoxical situations.


On this point, and with particular interest for the concept of fragility, Carrà has since 2008 committed his designs to an ordinary ballpoint pen, manifesting a body of work of great form, centered on the insects’ themes, on their ephemeral existence all while fascinating the viewer.
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